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The Relating Languages: Storytelling

The Storytelling language is the best Relating Language for delivering personal or topical information. It can make you the life of the party and provide a magical sense of immersion. But, it can be frustrating for those who strain to get a word in edgewise.

Storytelling includes the whole category of invented, personal, or informational stories - everything from your response to “How was your day?” to a recap of the latest sportsball game, or an explanation of particle physics. These are the stories we tell about ourselves and about the world.

When Storytelling, you paint a picture of the moment or topic, and often want to get it complete before others interrupt. You rely on the listener giving you cues for whether or not they’re interested. Sometimes you want to relate a topic that is interesting or exciting to you; sometimes, you want to provide a spark that others can play off of.

This comprehensive PDF Guidebook includes:

  • Detailed introduction to the Relating Languages system
  • Tendencies and Motivations for the Storytelling language and its dialects
  • Stories to illustrate theStorytelling language in real-world situations
  • Suggestions for growth from the imbalanced Informing Storyteller and Performing Storyteller dialects into the balanced Conveying Storyteller dialect
  • Insightful breakdowns of the interactions between Storytelling and the other Relating Languages
  • Bonus stories and recommendations for next steps