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The Relating Languages: Observing

Observing is a language of receptivity and contemplation. It is what you use when there is space in the conversation, when someone else is speaking, when you want to take in new information, or make sure that you understand what has already been said.

Observing can include silence, reflection of another's words, sharing present-moment personal impact, or naming something you directly notice. When speaking this language, you don't usually contribute new information to the conversation. But, you can enhance or move along what is already there. You can summarize what hasn’t been spoken yet, or needs to be heard again.

This comprehensive PDF Guidebook includes:

  • Detailed introduction to the Relating Languages system
  • Tendencies and Motivations for the Observing language and its dialects
  • Stories to illustrate the Observing language in real-world situations
  • Suggestions for growth from the imbalanced Withdrawing Observer and Merging Observer dialects into the balanced Partaking Observer dialect
  • Insightful breakdowns of the interactions between Observing and the other Relating Languages
  • Bonus stories and recommendations for next steps