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The Relating Languages: Questioning

What do you think this is? What can you do with it? What was that like for you? Why? Can you tell me more?

When speaking the Questioning language, you lead with your curiosity. You want both breadth and depth from the conversation, even if you have to dig for it. It doesn't seem worth talking to a person unless you can learn something new, about the world or about them.

You enjoy both asking and being asked questions, so it can be hard for you to understand others’ desire for privacy. You sometimes overwhelm them with how much you want to know.

Your questions may be either personal or topical. You can get curious about who someone is and how they think, see, feel, or relate to the world. You can also get curious about the weather, politics, or someone's area of focus. Or, you can ask questions about the relationship between you.

This comprehensive PDF Guidebook includes:

  • Detailed introduction to the Relating Languages system
  • Tendencies and Motivations for the Questioning language and its dialects
  • Stories to illustrate the Questioning language in real-world situations
  • Suggestions for growth from the imbalanced Interrogating Questioner and Serving Questioner dialects into the balanced Inviting Questioner dialect
  • Insightful breakdowns of the interactions between Questioning and the other Relating Languages
  • Bonus stories and recommendations for next steps