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The Relating Languages: Directing

Directing is the language of challenge and creation, of “Don’t touch that!” and “Let there be light.” It is what we use when we need to make requests and get our needs across.

When Directing, you may give commands, make requests, or offer suggestions. If you’re good at speaking this language, you may frequently find yourself in charge of situations and groups, whether or not you asked for that role.

This comprehensive PDF Guidebook includes:

  • Detailed introduction to the Relating Languages system
  • Tendencies and Motivations for the Directing language and its dialects
  • Stories to illustrate the Directing language in real-world situations
  • Suggestions for growth from the imbalanced Suggesting Director and Commanding Director dialects into the balanced Conducting Director dialect
  • Detailed breakdowns of the interactions between Directing and the other Relating Languages
  • Bonus stories and recommendations for next steps