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Why do we get along so well with some people, but not with others?

Have you ever...

  • Gotten stuck in conversation with someone who won’t stop talking?
  • Asked a ton of questions but never got one back?
  • Wished for more silence in connection?
  • Wanted everyone to stop talking and just get things done?

If any of the above are true for you, you’ve probably thought “wow, people suck at communication.”

But what if all this difference could actually be easy to navigate? What if it isn’t based in complex social rules, but a simple set of languages that we can teach you to start understanding and using today?

Introducing the Relating Languages

A reliable, research-supported system for breaking down communication and conversations into manageable parts.


The language of curiosity and exploration


The language of receptivity and contemplation


The language of sharing personal or topical information


The language of challenge and creation

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